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"Personals," YorkMix International Prize 2021 Joint Winner

"Weepily Deepily," Spectator Contest 202 Honorable Mention

"Ballad of Philip Hamilton," 2018 Middle Grade Finalist, Katherine Paterson Prize


"Noble Nuptials: An Elizabethan Wedding Alphabet," 2018 Middle Grade First Prize, Katherine Paterson Prize

 Personals Frog Prince.JPG
 Hop To It.JPG


"Weightless," Imperfect II, Tabatha Yeats, ed. 2022

"Visit," Things We Do, Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong, eds. 2021

"Covid Sky," di-verse-city 2021, Austin International Poetry Festival

"Zoom Doom," Hop To It, Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong, eds. 2020

Imperfect II.png

"Farmers Markets," Dear Tomato, Carol-Ann Hoyte, ed. 2015

The Caterpillar.JPG


"Recess Rules," Dirigible Balloon, 2021

"Mining Mars," Touchdown, Oct. 2021

"Lament of the Dog Ball," Dirigible Balloon, 2021

"Personals," Better Than Starbucks, May 2021

"Basant Panchami: The Hindu Festival of Kites," Cricket, April 2020


"Who's Who," High Five, March 2020

"Noble Nuptials: An Elizabethan Wedding Alphabet," Hunger Mountain, April 2018

"My Best Friend," The Caterpillar, Summer 2018

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Hop to It cover.jpg
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